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Sentinel-Turing-1 : Submitting gentx

Note: All the instructions should be run in a validator node i.e. after the installation of Sentinel Hub on the Sentinel-Turing-1 testnet.

To setup the Sentinel Hub Validator, follow the below process.

1) Initializing the default genesis and validator files

Initialize the sentinel-hub Validator to generate genesis.json and config files, by setting the Validator moniker. Moniker is a name that you set to your Sentinel Hub Validator for a human-readable reference.

sentinel-hubd init <moniker of validator>

As an example, if bitsndbyts is the moniker to be set, the below command is to be used:

sentinel-hubd init bitsndbyts

2) Download and replace the genesis file

Fork the official sentinel-hub testnets repository. Use the below command to do so.

git clone<your_git_user_name>/testnets.git

Navigate to the testnets/turing-1 folder by using the below command

cd testnets/turing-1/

Checkout the turing-1 branch with the command git checkout turing-1 and copy the genesis.json file to the directory with the below command:

cp genesis.json $HOME/.sentinel-hubd/config/

3) Create an Account

Run the following command to create a new Sentinel account in local database.

sentinel-hubcli keys add <account name>

Note: Please write the mnemonic phrase in a safe place

4) Add a genesis account

Run the following command to add an account as genesis account.

Note: Add only amount 10000000000tsent i.e. 10K tsent

sentinel-hubd add-genesis-account <account name> <amount to be add>

5) Create an offline genesis transaction

Create an offline genesis transaction by running the following command. The gentx-xxx.json file is generated in the directory $HOME/.sentinel-hubd/config/gentx/.

sentinel-hubd gentx --name <account name> \

--amount <amount to be stake in tsent> \

--commission-rate 0.1 \

--commission-max-rate 0.2 \

--commission-max-change-rate 0.01

6) Add the gentx file and push to GitHub

Copy the file gentx-xxx.json and navigate to the testnets directory

Add the file gentx-xxx.json and push to forked GitHub repository

Note: Branch must be turing-1 and no other files should be modified except the gentx-xxx.json

7) Create a pull request

Create pull request on the sentinel-official organization's testnets repository

Note: Base branch should be turing-1

After submitting the PR, the repository maintainers will merge in case of no issues. If not, issues will be commented upon.

8) Walkthrough - Submitting gentx for Sentinel-Turing-1

Sentinel-Turing-1 Genesis file Submission