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Start Chain

The objective of this document is to get you to start the chain.

Step-by-step Instructions

Please note that the Operating System should be Ubuntu 16.04 or over.

A) Download and Install the latest version of the Sentinel Hub

1) Run the following command to download the Hub code

go get -u

2) Navigate to the hub directory

cd ${GOPATH}/src/

3) Checkout to the version v0.2.0

git checkout v0.2.0

4) Install the hub

make install

B) Start the Sentinel Hub

5) Check the installed hub version

sentinel-hubd version --long

Version should be v0.2.0 and git commit should be cb810dbf5f6808f6c5c018058c65ea9f76f9c58b

6) Initialize the chain

sentinel-hubd init <moniker> --chain-id sentinel-turing-2

7) Download the final genesis file

wget -O ${HOME}/genesis.json

8) Check the SHA256 checksum of the genesis.json. It must match with c7613d401c363d41a8f9663f59a957c80248bc20f40aae00e4eab77f258fd506

sha256sum $HOME/genesis.json

9) Move the final genesis to the hub config directory

mv ${HOME}/genesis.json ${HOME}/.sentinel-hubd/config/

10) Add the seed nodes

  • Navigate to the directory ${HOME}/.sentinel-hubd/config/

  • Open the file config.toml with a text editor (Ex: nano, Vim)

  • Find the field seeds = "". By default it is line number 142.

  • Insert the below seed nodes (if there are multiple nodes separate with a comma)

    418dfc81f6c776b3c752a900f87aa62002d1039a@, 4f4a5f3b249a8c9e9760094c5742380071fa5ef5@, 60ffb98f377f3ffe4a72958919de9ebb98492ca1@, 859e6c949cb69c2d8d64cc78696b4571c888ed7e@

  • Save the file

11) Increase the maximum open files limit

  • Open the file /etc/sysctl.conf

  • Append the below line and save it

    fs.file-max = 10000000

  • Run the command sudo sysctl -p

12) Reset all the previous chain data

sentinel-hubd unsafe-reset-all

13) Create a virtual terminal session. For info starting-named-session


14) Start the chain

sentinel-hubd start

15) Detach from virtual terminal session i.e. press CTRL+A+D. For info detach-from-linux-screen-session