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Migrate from Sentinel Turing-1 to Turing-2

  1. Stop the sentinel-turing-1 chain.

  2. Download and install the latest version of the sentinel hub

    • Run the following command to download the Hub code
      go get -u

    • Navigate to the hub directory cd ${GOPATH}/src/

    • Checkout to the version v0.2.0 git checkout v0.2.0

    • Install the hub make install

  3. Start the Sentinel Hub

    • Initializing the default genesis and validator files sentinel-hubd init <moniker of the validator>

    • Download the final genesis file wget -O ${HOME}/.sentinel-hubd/config/genesis.json

    • Add seed nodes

      1. Open the file ${HOME}/.sentinel-hubd/config/config.toml with a text editor
      2. Find the field seeds = "". By default it is line number 142.
      3. Insert the below seed nodes (if there are multiple nodes separate with a comma)
      4. Save the file
    • Reset the chain data sentinel-hubd unsafe-reset-all

    • Start the chain sentinel-hubd start