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Name Description Default
Gas Adjustment Gas adjustment factor 1.05
Gas Gas limit to set per transaction 200000
Gas Prices Gas prices to determine the transaction fee 0.1udvpn
ID The network chain ID sentinelhub-2
RPC Address Tendermint RPC interface for the chain
Simulate And Execute Calculate the approx gas units before broadcast true


Name Description Default
Enable Enable Handshake DNS resolver true
Peers Number of peers 8


Name Description Default
Backend Underlying keyring type for key management
Values: [file, test]
From Name of the key with which to sign


Name Description Default
Interval Set Sessions Time interval between each set_sessions operation 2m0s
Interval Update Sessions Time interval between each update_session transactions 1h48m0s
Interval Update Status Time interval between each update_status transaction 54m0s
Listen On API listen-address.
Moniker Name of the node
Price Per Gigabyte price to charge against the provided bandwidth
Provider Address of the provider the node wants to operate under
Remote URL Publicly accessible URL of the node.
Format: https://<PUBLIC_IP>:<API_PORT>

To know the public IP execute the command curl --silent

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