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The DVPN coin is a governance coin that allows staked coin holders to decide the future of the protocol, including every implementation detail. DVPN coin revolves around its functions as a:

  • Payment for Bandwidth: Users can utilize DVPN coins to purchase bandwidth to access to dVPN services offered by the network's nodes, ensuring seamless and private internet connectivity. Users can pay for bandwidth in two ways:
    1. Pay-as-you go. Directly paying DVPN to the node host for a set amount of bandwidth.
    2. Periodic subscription. User pays fiat to the app, and the app pays the node hosts in DVPN on the users behalf on the backend.
  • Revenue Sharing: On top of the usual PoS staking rewards Sentinel's protocol enables revenue sharing from dVPN node owners. 20% of the earnings from dVPN node owners are also going to DVPN stakers.
  • Staking: DVPN coins are used for staking within the Sentinel Network. Validators and delegators stake DVPN coins to secure the network and participate in the consensus process. Validators are responsible for proposing and validating blocks, and they receive rewards in the form of DVPN coins for their efforts.
  • Governance: DVPN coins are used for governance within the Sentinel Network. DVPN holders can participate in the decision-making process by voting on proposals related to network upgrades, protocol changes, funding allocations, and other matters that affect the ecosystem.
  • Transaction Fees: DVPN coins are used to pay for transaction fees within the Sentinel Network. When users perform actions such as sending coins or executing smart contracts on Sentinel Blockchain, they must pay a fee in DVPN coins to the validators who process and validate those transactions.