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Software upgrade - 5


At block height 12310005 the Blockchain will stop producing the blocks. Follow the next steps only after the blockchain halt!

Stop the node

  1. Check the latest block height. It must match with the upgrade height

    curl -fsLS | jq -r '.result.sync_info.latest_block_height'
  2. Stop the sentinelhub process

Install the new version

  1. Make sure you are using Go verion 1.20+

    go version
  2. Clone the source code

    rm -rf ${BASE_DIRECTORY}/hub/ && mkdir -p ${BASE_DIRECTORY} && cd ${BASE_DIRECTORY}/ && \
    git clone && cd ${BASE_DIRECTORY}/hub/ && \
    git checkout ${VERSION}
  3. Build and install the software

    rm -rf ./vendor && \
    make install

Start the node

  1. Verify the software version

    sentinelhub version --long

    Commit hash must be b48aef9ec17c29db0ba95932d31db670f93627c9

  2. Start the sentinelhub process

In case the upgrade fails


Follow the next steps in case the upgrade fails!

  1. Install the Sentinel Hub software v0.10.1

  2. Verfiy the software version commit is bbe6fab51c81863551a69aeb4977ec4c19fcd60a

  3. Start the sentinelhub process with flag unsafe-skip-upgrades

    sentinelhub start --unsafe-skip-upgrades 12310005