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Sentinel dVPN Full Node Setup Guide

This guide is intended for anyone who wishes to contribute to the Sentinel Network by installing a Full Node.


Please note that if you intend to share your bandwidth, you must adhere to the dVPN Node guide, as the Full Node serves distinct purposes.

A full node is a participant in the network that maintains a complete copy of the blockchain. It stores the entire transaction history of the blockchain and validates new transactions based on the consensus rules of the network. Full nodes are important for decentralization as they help in distributing the blockchain data across the network, making it more resilient.

A Sentinel dVPN Full Node can be deployed on various platforms, including:

  • Dedicated server (as explained in this guide)
  • Your home setup
  • The Akash Network

To set up a Full Node successfully, you should possess a moderate level of proficiency in Linux and networking. This guide has been designed to assist users in comprehending all the necessary steps required for setting up a full node.