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The following dVPN apps are built on top of the Sentinel Protocol. This is why we refer to Sentinel as a network of independent dVPN (decentralized Virtual Private Network) applications, rather than just a single consumer-facing dVPN.

⚙️ White-labels that build their app on the Sentinel Protocol

Sentinel Shield dVPN
Open source, p2p, trustless architecture powers one of the most decentralized consumer-facing DePIN applications ever created. Everything from peer discovery to connection authorization is through the blockchain; encrypted and safely in your hands, not in a VPN company's database.
Solar dVPN
SOLAR dVPN is a blockchain-based decentralized VPN service. Using mobile & desktop apps, it allows you to access hundreds of community-managed servers all around the world and use them as your private & secure gateway to the Internet.
Meile dVPN
Meile is a decentralized VPN solution built on top of the Sentinel Blockchain. Utilizing blockchain technology alongside community hosted decentralized nodes creates a private and censorship resistant network for everyone.
V2App, powered by the advanced V2Ray platform, offers seamless access to a free and open internet. Built on top of Sentinel dVPN blockchain, v2app emphasizes strong privacy and security, without compromising on speed and reliability.
Independent dVPN
Independent dVPN is a Turkish free and fully decentralized service created by volunteers who prioritize digital human rights, offering powerful features like WireGuard and V2Ray support.
Take charge of your online privacy with Breadcrumbs. Protect your digital footprint and earn rewards for your data. Our advanced VPN, powered by Sentinel, ensures top-notch security, keeping your information safe and inaccessible to prying eyes.
Dofwifhat dVPN
It’s a dVPN wif a hat! The Sentinel Ecosystem's first foray into the memecoin world. This application is entirely open source, accessible on GitHub, and compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.