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Governance refers to the decentralized decision-making process that allows stakeholders to collectively determine the direction and policies of the network. It involves proposing, discussing, and voting on changes, upgrades, and strategic decisions regarding the protocol, ecosystem development, and resource allocation. Through governance mechanisms, such as on-chain voting and proposal submission, participants can voice their opinions, contribute to shaping the network's evolution, and ensure its resilience, security, and sustainability. Effective governance fosters transparency, inclusivity, and accountability within the Sentinel DVPN ecosystem, empowering community members to actively participate in its management and growth.


DVPN holders who stake their tokens gain the opportunity to actively participate in the governance process by voting on proposals.

These proposals cover a wide range of topics, including protocol upgrades, network improvements, funding allocations, and other important decisions that shape the future of the Sentinel ecosystem. By exploring the list of available proposals, staked DVPN holders can leverage their coins to cast votes and influence the direction of the network. This active engagement not only empowers token holders to have a voice in decision-making but also fosters a sense of community involvement and ownership within the Sentinel ecosystem. Through their participation in governance, staked DVPN holders contribute to the decentralization and democratization of decision-making, ultimately helping to build a stronger and more resilient network.

Proposals Management

Users can create and participate in governance proposals through the Sentinel Hub, accessible via the dedicated section provided at link. Through active engagement in proposal management, users can contribute to the evolution and governance of the Sentinel ecosystem, ensuring its alignment with the collective interests and values of its stakeholders