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Tendermint Metrics

Validator Machine

Execute the following operations on your validator machine

Tendermint Metrics can be enabled by simply editing your validator config.toml file.

Open your config file

sudo nano /home/<your-user>/.sentinelhub/config/config.toml

Edit the followinf fields like below

prometheus = true
prometheus_listen_addr = :26660

Save the file and restart your validator

You can verify that metrics are being exported by cURLing the /metrics endpoint:

curl http://localhost:26660/metrics

Success! Tendermint Metrics is now exposing metrics that Prometheus can scrape, including a wide variety of system metrics further down in the output.


After successfully enabling Tendermint Metrics, the next step is to open port 26660 on your Validator's firewall. This port should be accessible exclusively from your monitoring machine. This action is essential to enable Prometheus to collect data from Tendermint Metrics.

sudo ufw allow from monitor_ip to validator_ip port 26660

Add the Job to Prometheus Config file

On your monitoring machine, go to your prometheus directory and open your prometheus.yml file

sudo nano prometheus.yml

Add the validator metrics job into it, under scrape_configs block

# Validator Metrics
- job_name: "validator-metrics"

# validator ip and port
- targets: ["validator_ip:26660"]