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Node Setup on Akash Network

Overview & Requirements

You can also contribute to the Sentinel Network by sharing your bandwidth through the setup of a dVPN node on the Akash Network, a decentralized open-source cloud computing platform. By doing so, you promote greater privacy and decentralization compared to using VPS.

Before deploying your Sentinel Node on Akash, you need to install the Keplr Extension in your browser (available for Chrome or Firefox).

Then open Keplr, create a new wallet and take note of the mnemonic (24 words)

Access this website, encode your mnemonic in Base64 format and take note of it as you will need to insert it into the template file

Now, fund your wallet with a minimum of:

  • 50 DVPN: necessary for the Node to operate
  • 15 AKT: 5 for deployment deposit and the remaining for paying the provider

This is just an example of how your wallet is displayed

Keplr Wallet

Your wallet is now set, and you can proceed with the Node deployment.