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Staking involves actively participating in the Sentinel Network by locking up a certain amount of DVPN coins as collateral to support the network's operations. By staking DVPN, the holder helps validate transactions and secure the network. In return for their contribution, stakers typically receive rewards in the form of additional coins. Staking requires running a node or a validator, maintaining a certain amount of coins as collateral, and often fulfilling certain technical requirements to participate in block creation or validation.


Delegating allows DVPN holders who may not have the technical expertise or resources to run their own validator nodes to still participate in the network and earn rewards. Instead of staking their DVPN directly, holders delegate them to a validator or a staking pool. These validators or pools then use the aggregated stake to participate in block creation or validation on behalf of the delegators. Rewards earned through this process are then distributed proportionally among the delegators based on their contributed stake. Delegating allows for a more passive involvement in staking, as the delegated DVPNs remain under the control of their owners, who can freely transfer or unstake them at any time.

The process of delegation involves the following steps:

  • Set up a Wallet that supports Sentinel DVPN Coin. You can explore wallets in the respective section.
  • Choose a Validator: It's crucial to select a validator whom you trust with your assets. It's important to note that the validator will never own your stake, ensuring you retain full control. However, opting for a reputable validator is essential to minimize slashing penalties and to support entities that contribute value to the blockchain, thereby enhancing the overall Sentinel ecosystem.

If you are looking to expand your staking opportunities beyond conventional avenues, consider exploring third-party platforms such as, seamlessly integrated with the Keplr wallet. This platform not only facilitates direct engagement but also offers the added benefit of automated compounding for your staked assets.