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Sentinel in the Cosmos Ecosystem

Cosmos unfolds as a dynamic ecosystem, a tapestry of interconnected applications and services meticulously crafted for a decentralized future. At its core, Cosmos stands as a decentralized network, comprising independent parallel blockchains fortified by Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus algorithms, such as the revered Tendermint consensus.

In essence, Cosmos materializes as a vibrant ecosystem of blockchains designed for seamless scalability and interoperability. Pre-Cosmos, blockchains languished in isolation, incapable of meaningful communication. Hindered by developmental complexities, they struggled with paltry transaction throughput. Cosmos introduces a novel technical paradigm to surmount these challenges, prompting a return to the foundational principles of blockchain technology.

For a deeper dive into Cosmos, explore their website.

How does Sentinel fit in?

Within the Cosmos Ecosystem, Sentinel has ingeniously fashioned its own blockchain. It is not merely a standalone entity but rather a beneficiary of Cosmos' inherent advantages, enabling scalability and cross-blockchain communication, thus achieving true interoperability. A tangible manifestation of this advantage is evident in the seamless trading of DVPN with other cryptocurrencies on disparate blockchains. This decentralized exchange (DEX) capability is exemplified by platforms like Osmosis, an integral part of the Cosmos Ecosysten. Osmosis operates as a DEX with its own blockchain, yet it facilitates effortless DVPN trading without the need for a bridging mechanism. Sentinel, nestled within Cosmos, exemplifies the harmonious coexistence and collaboration that define this decentralized cosmos.