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Add a Validator Image

In order to have your validator profile image displayed on the most commonly used Cosmos blockchain explorers, you need to follow two different procedures

First procedure

By following this procedure, your validator image will be visible on Keplr,, and ATOMScan.

Firstly, register on, and create your profile by adding a profile image, which will be used as your validator image. Once your profile is created, access it and you will be prompted to create a PGP key.

Download Keybase onto your machine and follow the installation guide for your operating system.

Create a PGP key and add it to your keybase profile. Once that is complete, you need to perform what is called an Edit Validator Transaction

sentinelhub tx staking edit-validator \
--identity=<your_pgp_key_with_no_spaces> \
--chain-id=sentinelhub-2 \
--gas=500000 \
--gas-prices=0.2udvpn \

If you'd like to link your website and add a description of your validator, you have the option to fill out the following two fields

    --website="" \
--details="These are my validator details"

If the transaction is successful, you will see the edits immediately

Second procedure

By following this procedure, your validator image will be visible on Mintscan.

Here's what you'll need:

  • A GitHub account with a PAT (Personal Access Token) enabled with all repo scopes
  • Your validator image in the format <your_sentval_address>.png

Fork the Chainlist Repository

Clone the forked repository to your computer

git clone<your_account>/chainlist

Navigate to the directory from which you will execute the next commands

cd chainlist

Create a new branch named after your validator

git branch <your_validator_name>

Checkout to that branch

git checkout <your_validator_name>

Copy your validator image to the folder /chainlist/chain/sentinel/moniker/

cp /path/to/your/<your_sentval_address>.png ~/chainlist/chain/sentinel/moniker/

Set the necessary configuration parameters

git config --global "Your Username"
git config --global ""

Set access via your Personal Access Token (PAT)

git remote set-url origin https://<your_github_user>:<your_token><your_github_user>chainlist.git

Push your branch to your forked repository

git add .
git commit -m "Add <your_validator_name> logo for Sentinel"
git push origin <your_validator_name>

If the command is successful go to and create a pull request. Once the pull request is created, wait for some time until your validator image is updated. When the update is complete, the pull request will be closed.